12 Amazing Facts About Clitor!s You Never Knew Before!

Ever wondered how many secrets that pink little button between your legs holds within itself? There is an awesome lot more about it than just being your favorite sweet spot! Clitoris have some really amazing facts that will leave you jaw dropped!

Here are 12 amazing facts about the clitoris you probably never knew before!

1. It’s the turn-on button for every lady!

The clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings which is almost the double of those in a penis! Not only this, but a clitoral contact affects the entire pelvis, which includes affecting 15,000 other nerve endings!

2. The clitoris is pleasure specific only.

One of the most amazing facts is that it is the only sexual organ which doesn’t have any other use than simple pleasure! While other oh-so-hot lady parts have other functions as well, the clitoris is only meant to please the woman.

3. It is the female equivalent of a penis!

The clitoris consists of foreskin, a shaft and erectile tissue- all of which makes it very similar to a penis. Also, it swells up upon sensation, just like a penis.

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4. A clitoral orgasm is the easiest of all.

While there are a lot of orgasms like vaginal, G-spot orgasm and cervical orgasm, a clitoral orgasm is the easiest of all. Moreover, most ladies cannot reach a climax without any sort of clitoral interaction! It is harder for maximum women to reach orgasm simply by penetration.

5. It’s not as small as you think it is.

Only a quarter of the clitoris can be seen with naked eye. In fact, it extends to almost 3 inches into the vagina and connects to every other genital area of the woman!

6. Its position matters!

Studies show that the nearer the clitoris is to the vaginal opening, the easier it is for a woman to reach the climax through penetration.

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7. It grows!

Due to hormonal changes, the clitoris actually grows throughout a woman’s lifetime. This happens more after menopause, which is when it may become double than it was in the teenage days!

8. Every female has one.

The c-spot is one sexual area shared by all females! That is, all female mammals have one.

9. It comes in all forms.

There are all kinds of c-spots: big, small, extra sensitive, less sensitive, some hide under the clitoral hood when aroused while others protrude out even more. In some females, the clitoris requires a lot of pressure to be aroused while in many, all it requires is a gentle brush.

Source : Sarcasm