12 Things Men Will Never Understand About Women

Many things in this world are hard to understand, one of them is women. There are a hell lot of things about women, which appear to be a mystery to men. For men, it’s tough to understand the concept of taking endless selfies and later deleting them all, going to the washroom in groups, continuous mood swings and much more.

So here are some things which Men will never Understand about women.

Why they always friend zone the good ones.
I love you but only as a friend. -.-

Why it’s always opposite to what you mean.

Go have fun with your friends. Warning- This can cost your relationship.

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Getting hit on feels offensive.
Why? O_O

How can someone be supposed to remember all the days and dates?

Girls are like, we together saw a puppy here, don’t you remember.

Why you always have nothing to wear?
Men can wear the same jeans a whole week, or more.

Why they wear makeup most of the times?

We don’t wear makeup. And then…..

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Embarrassed about talking sexual activities.
Why can’t women have open conversations, like we men do?

Why being hot is more necessary than being Cute.
Don’t be a Barbie, I like teddy bears more.

Why so complicated?
Because we are women.

We certainly don’t know how it feels and we don’t want to know either.

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Boob Transplant

Men don’t understand this concept. We like the way you are, just be original.

I am Fat.


Source : Sarcasm