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Unbelievably Weird Things Girls Do In Front Of The Mirror

Well, girls are crazy and shy. Therefore, they don’t open up in front of people. But there are quite a lot of weird things girls do when they’re alone in front of the mirror.

I’m sure you don’t want to miss on these quite private yet silly things girls do in front of the mirror. So, let’s get started

1. First of all, Check out their own butts

Girls do check out their butts to see if they can attract those hot guys they’re fantasizing day and night.

2. Make crazy faces in the mirror

Because it makes them laugh and they realize that they can have fun without any friends or boys.

3. Also, Give their-selves a pre-sex prep talk

‘You’re fine, sweetheart! Don’t worry, everything would be pleasing.’ Because such talks are important for the girls in order to prepare themselves for their big night.

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4. Drink on the toilet

Girls do this to get themselves in the mood so that everything can go smoothly and pleasingly.

5. … And eat

Because obviously, girls can’t eat all those sh*tyy things like chocolates and chips in front of guys. You know.

6. Just fart super loud in front of the mirror

7. Furthermore, Wash stinky arm pits in the bathroom sink

Girls are way too particular about things like cleanliness. They don’t want to smell bad in front of people, that’s why.

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8. And, Check their noses for boogers

Checking it beforehand is far better than getting embarrassed in front of their man. They don’t feel like disgusting people, unlike all the guys.

9. Check out their vagina pre-sex

This is something all the girls do to make sure everything is nice and clean. They don’t want their pleasuring experience to get ruined.

Source : Sarcasm