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Flying With Fashion: 12 Most Stylish Airline Uniforms Ever.

An airline may compromise with other services but never with the uniforms of flight attendants. Taking a long flight is not a stylish experience for the passengers but airlines make sure that flight attendants are well dressed and look attractive. Airline uniforms have gone through many changes in the past few years and they always take it seriously. They even have rejected top designers and by this, you can understand how airline uniforms are one of the most important things for them and they never take it as a minor thing. Here in this article, we have listed 12 most fashionable airline uniforms for and they are as cooler as their flight attendants.

Here are the 12 most stylish airline uniforms ever. Let’s take a look!

Note: List isn’t in the rank wise order

1. Etihad Airways (UAE)

2. Virgin Australia

3. Virgin America

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4. Korean Airlines

5. Air Canada

6. Alitalia (Italy)

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7. Hainan Airlines (China)

8. Aegean Airlines

9. Emirates


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