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7 Tips for Picking Up Women

You can pick up women using your core or using your core communication skills.

Women aren’t some alien creatures from Venus. We’re all looking for different things, and the best way to find out what a specific woman wants is by using your mouthwords good.

Unless a woman has previously confided her cannibalistic fantasies to you, don’t approach someone by calling her « delicious » or a similar sexually aggressive sentiment. Maybe try commenting on a mutual experience. « Is this Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman on the bar’s TV? Random! »

Do not rub your dick into her butt on the dancefloor. Definitely don’t rub your dick on her butt if you have not talked to her first. REMEMBER: she is a human, not a human-shaped grinding pole.

Pick-up lines are fine if that’s the way you feel most comfortable initiating conversation with another human, but they give off the unsexy vibe of « hey there, you, replaceable person with ears. »

If this is hard, try working on your general social skills and getting comfortable talking to lots of different people.

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If she’s not responding enthusiastically, leave her alone. I get it, it’s hard to approach someone you are attracted to and even harder when all your deepest fears of being an undesirable human are temporarily confirmed.

But, being a human, she has a more of a right to ignore you or outright reject you than you have any right to talk to her. Plus, flirting is way more fun when it’s a two-way street.

Don’t take rejection personally, and definitely don’t take it out on her.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but don’t try to manipulate people into having sex with you. Pickup artists occasionally work because they pretend to be engaging people who are interested in others. But ew, gross. Having sex isn’t an achievement to be unlocked — unless you’re playing Grand Theft Auto.

Women are biologically designed to like sex. Not all women do and certainly not all women want to sleep with you, but there are lots of women out there looking for something purely physical. Mutually flirt your way up to mentioning your intentions and see if she’s into it.

Maybe you’re thinking « Hmm, I’m a human, and I would like if a girl just came up to me and said sexually explicit things so I’ll try that. » Sure some women might enjoy that, but for the women who don’t, this is unwelcomed grossness.

Ease your way into it, maybe by a polite introduction and then try being genuine. There’s a difference between being straightforward and being aggressive. Feel it out if you think she’s vibing, and be upfront.

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The last fifteen men who approached a single woman at a bar may have opened with a « hey big-bootied thing, can I put my crotchmeat inside you » so understand women might be a little put-off by dudes approaching them.

Don’t let it get you down–just keep on treating women like the humans they are.

NOTE: If you think you are above all this creepy shit, do not approach a woman with a line like « Don’t fall for any of these sleazy guys here. » She has a better radar of creeps than you, and it’s going off wildly if you are giving her condescending advice.

Just don’t keep trying with the same uninterested women. If you talk to enough human women over the course of your life, one of them will eventually want to do sex with you.

Who knows. Maybe you might make meaningful human connections with women that don’t involve sex.

Good luck and enjoy the sex.

Source : Collegehumor