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15 Features On Everyday Products That You’re Not Using Right

Throughout your day, you use certain products as they fall into your everyday regime without giving much thought to it. But what if we told you, that you have been using these everyday products in the wrong way? Let us show you some of the examples of these everyday products which will make you go “Oh, I did not know that!”

#1 Did you notice the hole in on the pen cap before? I bet you have because a pen is an everyday product. But have you ever wondered why? Well, here is the reason why

The purpose of the hole is simple as it diminishes the risk of suffocation if, by any means, anyone swallows it.

#2 That is how you need to read the codes on the back of your make-up products

On most of the products, you will see numbers mentioned such as “6M,” “9M,” 12M,” etc. These simply tell you about the life of the product in months. If you read “24M” on the back of your product, that means the product’ss life is 24 months.

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#3 What is the meaning of that pointy bit on the cap of a medicine tube? Here’s what

The pointy bit is used to penetrate the foil covering which is there in most of the tubes.

#4 Do you know the meaning of these colors near the seal ends?

The colors are nothing but eye marks which allow the users to recognize where they need to cut, fold or press the package.

#5 Why do our jeans have an extra small pocket?

There is nothing technical behind the reason. You need to go back in time to understand it. Back in the days, the pocket was essential because this pocket was used to keep pocket watches by the Cowboys.

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#6 Speaking of pockets, why these studs?

The reason behind these studs which are intact on our jeans is to prevent the jean to tear down as these strengthen the jeans at their weakest point.

#7 What is the meaning of this “57” labeled at the middle of the Heinz bottle?

The “57” mark is the soft spot of the Heinz bottle which lets the ketch-up out easily when you tap it with your palms. Therefore, you need to stop banging the bottle from the bottom.

#8 Have you been using the lid on the McDonald’s cup for only one use? Well, you have been doing it wrong.

Another everyday product you have been using wrong.

Source : sarcasm